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Warrior Prince/Hollow Breath - "In Pitt$field, There I$ No Law" Split 7"

$3.00 / On Sale

“In Pittsfield, There Is No Law” is the story of two former Berkshire County residents, Kane Gelaznik of Warrior Prince and Tyson Luneau of Hollow Breath. The idea for a split 7” was conceived in the summer of 2014 as a chance to pit two of the hardest rockers together on one slab of vinyl. Warrior Prince return with four headbanging anthems of their “87 Demo” meets “Appetite For Destruction” sound. Strictly for the rockers. Oklahoma’s Hollow Breath return with a brand new frontman and two heavy 90’s influenced hardcore jams, comparable to Turmoil, Unbroken, and 108. “In Pittsfield, There Is No Law” is a first for Rat Trax in many ways. It’s our first split, and it’s our first vinyl release. Order now or forever pose.

1. Welcome To Hell, Bitch
2. Proud Of What
3. Down 4 The Core
4. Too Much
5. Time’s Tide
6. Broken Glass

*These are expected to ship in late May, please allow an ample amount of time to receive your order, thanks!*

Digital download available at https://rattrax.bandcamp.com/album/rat-007-warrior-prince-hollow-breath-in-pitt-field-there-i-no-law