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Maniac - "War & Insanity" - CS LP

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"War & Insanity" is Maniac's debut full length album. 12 tracks of grim and extravagant hardcore inspired by legendary bands such as Integrity, Celtic Frost, Discharge, and Poison Idea. Thematically very similar to their previous releases, "War & Insanity" finds Maniac focusing in on a range of topics such as mental illness, war, nihilism, survival, and automation. Currently only available on Cassette and Digital formats. Tape includes download card.

1. Facing Death
2. War & Insanity
3. No Higher Law
4. The Powers That Be
5. Cycle of Terror
6. Live Crucifixion
7. Face of God
8. Angel Corpse
9. Horror Has A Face
10. Roar of the Earth
11. No Fucking Heroes
12. Machine