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Machines of Hate - CS EP

$5.00 / Sold Out

Machines of Hate plays straight edge metallic hardcore. Taking cues from the Mid-90's output of Hatebreed and Merauder while still maintaining the rawness of Easthampton CD-R Beatdown circa 2002 (Swear To God/Fear For Your Life/Violent Reality). This tape combines their latest 6 song EP with their 2014 demo and a live track. /50 Gold Tapes

1. Intro
2. Condemned
3. The Reaper
4. End of the Rope
5. The Killer
6. Carved Out
7. Condemned (Demo 2014)
8. The Reaper (Demo 2014)
9. Carved Out (Demo 2014)
10. Carved Out (Live)

Streaming/Free Download available: Rattrax.bandcamp.com